For over a century we have been a leader in design, manufacturing, supplying, installation and commissioning Penstocks and Hydromechanical Equipment for hydropower projects.

ATB Group is now recognized as one of the most qualified international manufacturer companies in providing the following equipment on a “turnkey” basis:

  • Steel penstocks, linings, bifurcations and manifolds
  • Spillway and bottom outlet radial gates, fixed-wheel gates, sliding high pressure gates; all equipped with the relevant operation and control equipment
  • Butterfly valves, energy dissipating valves, and regulating valves
  • Trashracks
  • Stoplogs
  • Cranes and accessories


ATB Group has a strong know-how in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of hydropower gates, covering all types and sizes.

The company promoted the very efficient hydraulic control systems for large radial gates as an alternative to traditional electromechanical hoists.

ATB has the capability to carry out the design according to all Codes and Standards (DIN, CECT, ASME, AISC, AWS, BS British Standards, etc.) in the following areas:

  • Hydraulic, mechanical and structural design
  • Electrical equipment and hydraulic power unit
  • Erection engineering

Design is accomplished with the latest 3D modelling systems including CFD and FEM analyses for gates of any type and size.

  • Spillway radial gates
  • Power intake wheel gates
  • Bottom outlet sliding gates
  • Bottom outlet Radial gates
  • Bulkheads and stoplogs


The company is the leading manufacturer of high pressure pipes for penstock applications for hydroelectric power plants.

We have met the growing needs of Italian industrialization and have become the leading manufacturer of high pressure pipes for penstock applications for hydroelectric power plants.

The design of banded penstocks (externally reinforced with hot fitted forged rings) has long been one of ATB’s patents around the world. These penstocks can withstand very high heads using relatively thin plates that are easy to weld and install on-site. As an example, the penstock of the ENEL-San Fiorano hydropower plant, 2.15 m in diameter, resists a water head of 1,418 m.

In the last few years, the company has also developed on-site welding techniques for high strength quenched and tempered steels, with considerable saving in the steel thickness, compared with the traditional carbon steel pipe works.



ATB has decades-long experience with a large number of references in supplying for several types of valves: butterfly valves, Howell-Bunger valves, regulating valves and gate valves.

We can manufacture several types of valves:

  • Butterfly valves
  • Howell-Bunger valves
  • Regulating valves
  • Gate valves

All these valves are supplied on a turnkey basis, from design to site erection and commissioning, complete with any relevant operation and control equipment.

The Hydro Mechanical Equipment division of ATB Group is also able to provide for the design and supervision of Physical Model Testing of valves and discharging structures, performed by partner laboratories in Italy and around the world.

Site activities

ATB Group have acquired a wide experience in the execution of large hydropower projects with a focus on the maximum use of local capabilities for both manufacturing and site activities.

Many projects have been satisfactorily executed with maximum utilization of the local capabilities, “on site” manufacturing, and pre-assembly operations. In these projects, “on site” fabrication activities have been performed by setting up a temporary workshop equipped with all the necessary machines and tools to deliver the top quality that characterizes ATB ’s products.

The company has a robust experience in many countries all over the world (Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia).


Workshop: Roncadelle, Porto Marghera (Italy), Medellin (Colombia).

The Hydro Mechanical Equipment manufacturing activities are carried out in two workshops in the Northern part of Italy, Brescia and Porto Marghera, and in Colombia, Girardota, with a total area of 160,000 m2, out of which 45,000 m2 are covered.


Each workshop is fully equipped with a comprehensive list of modern equipment for welding, cladding, machining, rolling and forming.

ATB Group has a wide experience in the execution of large hydro power projects, keeping under its direct control the fabrication of key components while maximizing the use of local capabilities with on-site manufacturing and preassembly operations.  

The fabrication activities, such as automatic and semi-automatic welding, non-destructive testing (using the most modern technologies such as TOFD and Phased Array), hydraulic testing, and painting are usually performed at workshop facilities equipped with all the necessary machines and tools to deliver the top quality that characterizes our products.

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