Civil Construction & Industrial Services

Over thirty years of experience and specialization in industrial and civil construction, in the design and construction of infrastructure works, and the management of steel plants.

Semat is now the Civil Construction and Industrial Services division of the ATB Group.
The activity began in 1981 when Sergio Trombini, sole shareholder and Chairman of ATB Group S.p.A., established his first company. In 1990, the group expanded his activities in the Civil Constructions & Industrial Services, through the establishment of Semat SpA, now present in six European countries with consolidated references as a reliable partner specialized in the construction of industrial complexes, infrastructure works, the management of full-cycle steel plants, demolitions and reclamation.

Civil construction

We are the ideal partner for industrial construction; we execute all the civil works necessary for the construction and commissioning of industrial plants.

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Established in 1981 by Italian entrepreneur Sergio Trombini, today Semat is the civil engineering and general construction branch of the ATB Group.

The solid and steady growth of the company over the years is mainly due to the ability to diversify its fields of specialization and expand the range of services offered. Semat is a leading company in the construction of industrial and infrastructure works configured to operate in the competitive market.

Currently Semat is present in six European countries where it is executing and developing significant contracts in the field of industrial construction putting all its operational and human resource potential in the field.

Services and activities:

  • Construction of industrial plants: on a turnkey basis or civil works only;
  • Construction and refurbishment of industrial buildings;
  • Vast fleet of equipment and vehicles, €30MLN of CapEx;
  • R&D oriented, ready to invest in new processes and technologies.

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Industrial Services

Investing in plant maintenance and process technology means maintaining high levels of safety, productivity, efficiency and reliability.

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The Civil Construction & Industrial Services division of ATBGroup provides its customers with the most complete and competitive services for the steel industry. 

The main services offered are:

  • Short-stop revamping activities;
  • Industrial services and asset management;
  • Transportation and logistics;
  • Mechanical and refractory maintenance of main and drain runners (slag/pig iron), tilting, spouts and hot air ducts, casting areas and piping platform, torpedo ladle, ladles, blast furnaces, and coke ovens;
  • Maintenance on slag condensation systems of civil structures and related storage tanks;
  • Maintenance and servicing of the furnace cooling water collection and treatment system;
  • Revamping and installation of the refractory lining of electric and gas casting furnaces for steel processing;
  • Demolition and reconstruction of tundish refractory linings for rolling mill and heat treatment furnaces;
  • Regulation of coke oven gates;
  • Replacement of the hot air outlets and reconstruction of runners which are subject to high risk of wear;
  • Industrial cleaning.


Semat Autotrasporti, company of national and international trucking third account, with for special transport permits.

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Part of ATB Group, Semat Autotrasporti s.r.l. is a national and international trucking company, born in 2002, initially to meet the needs of the Group's subsidiaries, then gradually expanding its trucking service, extending its collaboration to support leading companies on the national and international scene.

Thanks to a modern fleet of vehicles equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment, Semat Autotrasporti s.r.l. is able to satisfy the most varied needs that the market requires, including national and international exceptional transport.

All exceptional transports are treated in detail, thanks to a dynamic and trained staff in following all the documentation and escort request procedures necessary to guarantee travel in complete safety.

Semat Autotrasporti s.r.l. can transport goods of various types; in our headquarters we have a large space in the square equipped with lifting means suitable for the handling of any type of goods. An organization therefore capable of offering complete and advantageous solutions for your every need.

Demolition & Reclamation

SID (Società Italiana Demolizioni), one of the national leaders in the field of civil, industrial and road demolition.

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Part of ATB Group, SID (Società Italiana Demolizioni) has been operating in the construction sector since 1982, offering the market experience and a range of diversified activities.

Today SID is one of the national leaders in the field of civil, industrial and road demolition, sectors in which the company has reached a high level of competence that allows it to structure itself in the best possible way and to deal with complex works with a high level of professionalism.

In recent years, the company has expanded its scope of intervention, specializing in the reclamation of polluted sites, particularly asbestos, and in the transport and disposal of waste from demolition.

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