RSS Feeds for ATB Group Website.

All the news in real time on all your devices. 


Newsfeed RSS aggregator for the News & Events section of the web.



Newsfeed RSS aggregator for the Projects section of the web.


How does it work

To access the Rss service need an reader (also called "feed aggregator") that allows you to receive Rss channels of news that interests. Among the different programs availables  SharpReader or FeedReader, both free and simple to install and use.


How to subscribe to RSS feed

Right click on the gray button or on the feed title corresponding to the channel you intend to subscribe and choose "copy link". If you use SharpReader, in the "Address" field paste the copied address and press "Subscribe". If you use instead  FeedReader, click on the "new feed" button and paste the address do you copied, click on "next" and then "finish".