Heavy equipment for the nuclear industry

ATB Group is an international leader manufacturing and supplying of heavy equipment for nuclear industry all over the world.

Since the early 70’s, ATB has been among the most important international players in the design and construction of sophisticated nuclear components. Due to the recognized capabilities for welding and machining pressure vessels, ATB has been qualified by some of the most important Nuclear Engineering Companies (Westinghouse, Framatome, GE) for the manufacturing of critical components of the Nuclear Island.

Such components, from the Reactor Vessel to the Pressurizer, are part of Nuclear Plants or Nuclear Research Centers in Europe and in the USA.

During the last few years, ATB has focused its commercial and industrial efforts on a market sector that has grown steadily: containers for the transportation and storage of High Level Radioactive Materials (HLRM).


A new line of products created in collaboration with Orano TN through the use of innovative materials and technologies.

ATB Group has worked in cooperation with ORANO TN in the development and production of a new generation transportation cask, with innovative use of materials and technologies, including a totally new type of thermal conductors entirely made of copper, with outstanding heat transfer properties.
ATB Group can offer the casket market the following components:
  • Very High Level Radioactive Material:
    • Transportation casks for Nuclear Fuel (NF) and for depleted or exhausted NF;
    • Storage casks for depleted NF and for HLR waste;
  • Medium & Low Radioactive Waste:
    • Prismatic Metallic Storage Containers;
    • Prismatic Concrete Storage Containers.


Roncadelle Workshop: a hub for the production of cask.

ATB Group Heavy Equipment manufacturing activities for the nuclear sector are carried out at the Roncandelle worskhop in Brescia, with a total area of 150,000 m2. 

The plant is equipped with a nuclear hub, designed specifically for the production of steel containers used for storaging spent fuels leaving nuclear power plants undergoing decommissioning.


Each workshop is fully equipped with a comprehensive list of modern equipment for welding, cladding, machining, rolling and forming.

Thanks to our high-end facilities and skilled workers, ATB Group is specialized in the manufacturing of reactors, pressure vessels and casks for the nuclear sector.

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