ATB: Global experience, italian know-how

Our skills, investments in technologies and new production tools have allowed us to become a reference point on international markets.

Many years of experience and ability to do combined with the most modern technologies allow ATB Group to manage complex projects with versatility and flexibility, ensuring customers the optimization of delivery times and competitive costs reflecting the quality of the service supplied.

We are a point of reference on international markets. The skills developed in the five continents are now the real added value that we provide daily to our customers. Every day our professionals are committed to meeting the changing needs of the market, operating in full compliance with the principles of fairness and safety that are an essential condition for us.


Four divisions focused on four different businesses.

ATB Group is an international player in the following sectors:

As a reliable Italian industrial firm that combines know-how and technologies, we meet the needs of a global market which has increasingly become selective and competitive, aiming at high quality standards.
With the capacity to manage several projects which are very distant and different from one another, we unfailingly compete with leading global players in a market demanding lead-time optimization and cost reduction.

International markets are our point of reference. The skills developed in the five continents are now the real added value that we provide to our customers. Our people are committed to meet the changing needs of the market, operating with the utmost respect for the principles of fairness and safety, which are an essential condition for us.

Vision and Mission

Meet the needs of clients, optimize production processes and improve the know-how of our employees and associates so as to always be ready to face the challenges of the future.

Vision: To enhance Italian creativity and capacity by creating a bridge to the five continents in which to bring the specific skills of each sector we oversee.

Mission: To make available to our customers the experience gained in many years of activity. Knowing how to understand the specific and changing needs to provide technologically advanced products and services. We do all this while respecting safety regulations and the areas in which we operate.

Values and strengths:

  • Our Brands, our History, our Human Resources as the foundation of our values 
  • Our rigorous but flexible international organization to suit the dynamic environment and constantly evolving market
  • A flexible, young and lean organization is the structure that we have given ourselves to adapt to the dynamism of an evolving market.
  • ATB Group's corporate culture is oriented towards sustainability, reliability, economic savings and technology.

Quality, safety, health and environment

We focus on the quality of services and the reduction of environmental impact. We maintain a strong conviction that the improvement of production performance comes above all from protecting both workers and the environment.

The company has developed an integrated quality, health, and safety management system in compliance with current legislation. With the UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI ISO 45001 certifications, ATB Group complies with the requirements of the law for the design, construction and commissioning of complex equipment for the petrochemical, hydroelectric, nuclear and wind power sectors. 

ATB Group has always invested significant resources in updating prevention measures and strengthening safety measures: from fire-fighting and first-aid courses to targeted training of specific professionals with the continuous involvement of all the skilled workers present in the company. ATB Group's goal is to spread awareness of the importance of prevention throughout the company, with the objective of creating a solid corporate safety at work culture.

Download the integrated security and environment policy document
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We build a future by treasuring our past

The history of ATB Group began in 1981 when Sergio Trombini began his entrepreneurial adventure. In Artogne, in Valle Camonica, in the province of Brescia, Semat was founded, a company specialized in civil construction, but soon expanded its field of action to the industrial sector. A continuous growth leads at first to develop maintenance activities in the most important iron and steel sites in Germany, France and Belgium for the Riva Group, and then, in 1997, to win a first order in the Ilva plants in Taranto: it is the beginning of an activity that has lasted more than twenty years and that today continues with Arcelor Mittal Italia.
The increase in business leads the group to equip itself with a technical structure designed to have high standards of control over the entire production and organizational process. A decisive step forward in terms of diversification was taken in 2003, when Sergio Trombini led his company to the acquisition of ATB -Acciaieria e Tubificio di Brescia, merging it with Riva Calzoni Impianti of Bologna. Since their origins, between the mid 1800s and the early years of the last century, these two companies have contributed to the realization of large power generation projects, supplying safe and high quality products to hydroelectric plants and refineries in different areas of the world. The entire industrial group created by Sergio Trombini acquires the ATB brand, internationally recognized as synonymous with reliability, technology and innovation.
In recent years the entrepreneur's intuitions have allowed ATB Group to widen its horizon to the renewable energy sector, first through the resumption of the production of wind turbines - building on the pioneering experiences of Riva Calzoni in the Eighties - and then with the acquisition of Hydro Energia (later ATB Riva Calzoni Rinnovabili), a company designing and manufacturing turbines and technologies for hydroelectric plants up to 20 mW, present on the Italian market for more than thirty years. The different business sectors in which the group operates are currently managed through four divisions: Heavy Equipment, Hydro Mechanical Equipment, Renewables, Civil Construction and Industrial Services.


Sergio Trombini is the sole shareholder and Chairman of ATB Holding S.p.A. and its main subsidiaries.

Board of Directors

Sergio Trombini

A group of companies operating in the construction industry, in the manufacture of equipment for the Oil and Gas, Hydroelectric, Renewables and Power Generation fields.

He began his career as an entrepreneur in 1981, founding his first company. In 1990, he expanded his activities when he set up Semat SpA, a company specialized in building several steel production and processing units across Europe.

In 2003, through acquiring of ATB Riva Calzoni, Mr. Trombini started to expand his activities in the energy sector around the world.

Sergio Trombini


Michela Vielmi


Board of statutory auditors

Giuseppe Pirola Chairman
Federico Venturi Auditor
Gianpiero DeToni Auditor

Indipendent Auditors

Deloitte & Touche S.p.A. for the fiscal years 2020, 2021 y 2022

Code of Conduct & Organization and Management Model

The Code of Conduct is the “Constitution” of the company, a charter of rights and moral duties that defines the ethical and social responsibilities of each participant in the Company Organization. Implementation of the Code of Conduct is an effective instrument to prevent irresponsible or illegal behaviors by those who work on behalf of the company. In fact, the Code introduces a clear and explicit ethical and social responsibility towards all the parties involved directly or indirectly in the company’s activities (Customers, Suppliers, Partners, Citizens, Employees, Contractors, Public Institutions, Environmental Associations, and that like).

The Code of Conduct is the main instrument of ethics implementation inside the Company, which aims to clarify and define the set of principles and relationships, which govern the stakeholders’ duties and behavior. The people addressed by the Code have to respect the values and principles of the Code of Conduct and have to protect and preserve, through their behavior, the reputation and image of ATB Group as well as the integrity of its economic and human capitals.

The Code of Conduct of ATB Group and the Organization and Management Model are the effective tools to increase awareness of the employees and of everyone affected by the Company’s operation, so that they present, in all their activities, correct and appropriate behaviors to avoid administrative offenses related to their responsibilities (see Leg. Decree 231/01).