ATB Group has more than 30 years of experience, references and a proprietary expertise for the design, manufacture and installation of hydroelectric turbines.

Our organization, our skills and our know‐how are based on a long and solid experience with the main European multi-utility companies and a consolidated expertise in the low impact revamping or smart repowering of existing facilities.

We can assist investors in the preliminary design, business planning and fully customized solutions with complete internal engineering, design, fabrication and installation capabilities for:

  • Hydroelectric turbines: Kaplan, Francis and Pelton from 100 kW up to 20 MW.
  • From water to wire: Integrated solutions, with complete electromechanical equipment, electrical BOP, automation and control system.
  • EPC Contractor for the supply of mini hydro power plants based upon its own technology for hydroelectric turbines.
  • Specialized and customized after-sales services.

ATB Group can provide a full production cycle where each stage is developed according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certified Environmental Management System, and UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. 


Each turbine is so designed to get the best performance according to the hydraulic site condition.

ATB Group own hydroelectric turbines technology is based on our 30 years of experience in the design and fabrication of the main type of turbines such as: Kaplan, Francis and Pelton from 100 kW up to 20 MW, each one with various settings according to the needs of our custumers.

In the last years more than 210 hydro units have been engineered, manufactured, assembled, delivered and commissioned by our team, for more than 440 MW of installed power and an energy yield capacity of more than 1.000 GWh. We have a consolidated experience with the main European multi-utilitiy company

We own a complete range of proprietary hydraulic profiles already commissioned and positively tested. We also have internal expertise and own‐developed tools to optimize the hydraulic design of the turbines through the CFD calculation method. We define the static and dynamic behavior of our machines by means of design‐integrated FEA with customized, own‐developed tools on the basis of the FEMAP‐CAEFEM and ANSYS platform. Our turbines are fabricated and pre-assembled in our dedicated workshop.

One of the most important targets of our technical analysis is the definition of the best solutions in order to optimize the activities for both new power plants and the revamping of existing ones.

Water to Wire

Matching competitive solutions with European quality standard requirement.

We have specific expertise in water to wire integrated solutions including electromechanical equipment, electrical BOP, automation and control system, strongly triggered by:

-          the development of high quality and cost-effective technology, highly specialized for the local environment and the peculiarity of design of the HPPs;

-          a step-up in the automation, protection, SCADA and remote control systems, for helping both ordinary operation and remote support and diagnostics by the company's specialists while assuring the highest safety level in automated operation;

-          the development of a design concept based upon tailor-made, standardized engineering solutions and components, in order to facilitate the process of maintenance and spare parts restocking.

Every automation and control system can be personalized to meet our custumer’s particular requirements and needs.

Complex and complete monitoring system based on top level SCADA can be provided together with the equipment, totally integrated in the automation system, in order to guarantee safe and reliable operation of the hydropower plant and to prevent any possible failures and production losses.

Advanced remote control and data transfer systems assure constant connection with the hydropower plant to check all the relevant parameters of the units, from the custumer’s data room or from any other control station.

EPC contractor

EPC Contractor for the supply of components for hydroelectric power plants.

  •  Full and complete expertise in the hydropower business.
  •  Worldwide references as Main Contractor.
  •  Consolidated experience in local content management.

ATB Group operates as an EPC Contractor to supply small hydropower plants, with the capacity of designing, manufacturing and installing electromechanical equipment based upon its own technology for hydroelectric turbines.

ATB Group has a long and worldwide expertise and experience:

  • 100 years of worldwide experience and references acting as a main contractor in the hydropower business from 10 M€ up to 70 M€ of contract amount with a specific expertise in penstocks and hydro mechanical equipment from design to installation.
  • 25 years of experience and a proprietary know-how to design, buld and install small hydroelectric power plants.
  • More than 35 years of experience in civil construction for the industry, infrastructures and the energy sector.

O&M Services

After-Sales and maintenance services for small hydro power plants

 The company's background and the experience gained in several projects allow ATB Group to provide also complete solutions for hydropower installations and to grant a high quality after-sales service.

A specialized team of engineers and technicians provides the commissioning, start-up and O&M activities for each plant, ensuring the best after sales services and the best follow-up to our customers after the hand-over of the plant.

High level software packages and apps will allow a complete remote surveillance and diagnostics of the equipment, with a large set of parameters and trends controlled and accessible 24/7 from a remote engineering station, as well as visible in real-time applications specially developed for smartphones and tablets.

After collecting and discussing the needs from SHPP owners and operators, our team of specialists has designed, developed and implemented an innovative web-based interface for data acquisition and remote surveillance, nicknamed Wolfview (or WW). This system is completely independent from any SHPP hardware or access device and it uses only open source languages and libraries, that can be shared to any interested partner to allowing use and further customize or develop the system.


Artogne: a hub entirely dedicated to renewable applications.

The manufacturing activity of the Renewables division of ATB Group is carried out in the workshop of Artogne, the latest generation hub dedicated to production for the renewable sector.

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