ATB Group

ATB Group

ATB Group, an industrial organization based in Italy and operating in over 100 countries with about 1,500 employees, is a leading player with more than 100 years of worldwide experience and expertise in the following sectors:

Heavy equipment

An international leader in the design, manufacture and support service for heavy equipment in the petrochemical and nuclear industries.

Hydro mechanical equipment

For over a century we have been a leader in design, manufacturing, supplying, installation and commissioning Penstocks and Hydromechanical Equipment for hydropower projects.


We are among the main European companies leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of hydroelectric and wind turbines.

Civil Construction & Industrial Services

Over thirty years of experience and specialization in industrial and civil construction, in the design and construction of infrastructure works, and the management of steel plants.


Since its establishment ATB Group has been expanding its presence on the global market to be able to satisfy the complex and diversified needs of the market.

Workshops: Roncadelle, Porto Marghera, Artogne in Italy and Medellin in Colombia.

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