Manufacturing facilities

Workshops: Roncadelle, Porto Marghera, Artogne in Italy and Medellin in Colombia.

ATB Group manufacturing activities are carried out in four workshops: Roncadelle, Porto Marghera, Artogne (Italy) and Medellin (Colombia). A total area of 210,000 m2, out of which 60,000 m2 are covered.


Brescia - Italy

The main ATB Group workshop

The main ATB Group workshop is located in Roncadelle, near the city of Brescia, with five (5) bays fully equipped for all product lines and in-house manufacturing activities.
The workshop has the following main capacities:

  • Fabrication of components up to 200 tons
  • Rolling of up to 300 mm plates
  • Forming 2600 mm diameter heads
  • Welding (Narrow Gap) and Cladding (ESW, GTAW, GMAW, SAW)
  • Heat treatment furnaces
  • Fully-equipped Machining Department
  • NDT (non-destructive testing) Laboratory and Welding Engineering Department

Each bay has the following dimensions: width: 23 to 25 m; length: 127 to 233 m; height under hook: 12 m. 

  • Bay 0: Automatic nozzle and fitting welding and weld overlay with a clean area dedicated to special manufacturing processes.
  • Bay 1: Small thickness reactors and hydro mechanical equipment fabrication. Plates enter directly into this building, are bevel-machined along the short edges before being nemt and rolled in cold conditions. They are then assembled and welded.
  • Bay 2: Heads are formed, then heat treated and welded thanks to various positioning equipment with weight capacity between 20 and 80 tons.
  • Bay 3: Higher thickness plates rolling. Plates are rolled in cold / hot conditions, heat treated, and welded before they are assembled.
  • Bay 4: Whole reactor manufacturing
  • Bay 5: Machining Department, fully equipped with vertical lathes, boring mills, and drilling machines.

The Roncadelle workshop also has a bunker (6x6x18m) for radiographic testing with a Linatron linear accelerator:

  • Beam energy: 9 MeV
  • X-ray output (rad/min at 1 m from the central axis): 3000
  • Focal spot: 2 mm
  • Normal field size at 6 SFD: 39

ATB group Roncadelle (Brescia)
25030 - Roncadelle (BS) Via Industriale 13 -ITALY
TEL. +39 030 25811 - FAX +39 030 2581222


Porto Marghera - Italy

ATB Group assembly workshop

ATB Group final assembly workshop for heavy wall process equipment is near the shipping terminal of Porto Marghera (Venice), 400m away from the loading bay. Currently, the workshop is providing ATB with the ability to manufacture and dispatch equipment without any transport limitations in terms of weight and dimensions.

ATB Group can manage, directly from the Marghera workshop to the loading pier, deliveries of equipment up to a weight of 1,200 tons with in-house self-propelled trailers.

The workshop is divided into two bays, each with the following dimensions:

  • width: 24m and 27m
  • length: 120m and 210m
  • height under hook:12m

The Unit has been recently upgraded to enlarge its overall manufacturing capacities in terms of covered area, volume, and weight. It is fully equipped for welding (narrow gap) and weld overlay (ESW, GTAW, GMAW, SAW) activities. The maximum overhead crane capacity is 495 tons. For greater weights, hydraulic jack facilities up to 1,500 tons are available.

The workshop is also well-equipped with the following machines:

  • A PAMA FT160A 5 axes boring milling machine: Max diameter: 5,500mm; Horizontal stroke: 8,000mm; Vertical stroke: 3,200mm; Turning table weight capacity: 80 tons
  • A large furnace (9m high x 9m wide x 32.5m long, extendable to a length of 39m) in bay 2. This furnace has a fixed floor which can withstand up to 1500 tons of weight. The furnace is equipped with six natural gas, high turbulence burners which operate independently to allow for greater control over the furnace temperature.
  • A Bunker (9x9x32m) for radiographic testing with Linatron linear accelerators with these features:
    • Beam energy: 9 MeV
    • X-ray output (rad/min at 1m from the central axis): 3000
    • Focal spot: 2mm
    • Normal field size at 6 SFD: 39

ATB Group Porto Marghera (Venice)
30175 - Porto Marghera (VE) Via Commercio 5 - ITALY
TEL. (+39) 041 935162 - FAX (+39) 041 930704


Artogne - Italy

Renewables Workshop

Artogne: a new plant for clean and renewable energy. It was designed to meet the planning and production needs of two divisions: Wind Power and Small Hydro. The site is equipped to manufacture the entire range of ATB wind turbines (100, 500, 750 kW) and hydroelectric turbines under 20 MW for small hydropower stations there will manufactured at the Artogne workshop.

This innovation brings with it various benefits: now ATB Group can manufacture the finished product, responsible for both mechanical and electrical aspects, starting from scratch, assembling it and making it ready for installation.

ATB Group is able to empower performances and market positions and can offer customers a quality product with high added value.

ATB Riva Calzoni Rinnovabili
25040 - Artogne (BS) Via Fornaci 45/47 - Italy


Medellin - Colombia

ATB Group Medellin Workshop

With a strong presence in the hydropower market, ATB Group  has been operating in Colombia since 1961 with the exception of a brief interruption at the end of the 1990’s and the beginning of the 2000’s.

ATB Group has participated in the majority of the hydropower projects in the last 60 years.

Since 2012, ATB Group has established permanent offices in Colombia, in Medellin (Antioquia) with a commercial team, an engineering department, and a nearby workshop with a total area of 3,500m², fully equipped to make gates and penstocks.

Our offices in Colombia with more than 200 local skilled staff manage all project operations in the whole South America.

ATB Group Colombia
Carrera 38 # 10-36 Of 805 Edificio Milenio - Medellín, Colombia.
Ph: (+57-4) 582 00 06  (+57-4) 583 10 90