Revamping of CCO/1 - ACC/1 - ILVA Taranto

Construction for the revamping of the continuous casting line of the ILVA Taranto plant.

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Project: Revamping of CCO/1 - ACC/1
Company: SEMAT
Location: Taranto (TA)
Category: Civil Construction Project
Customer: ILVA S.p.A.
Period: 2007

With the new continuous casting line of the Steel Plant 1 it was necessary to bring the casting plane to a horizontal position. In this intervention completed in 2007, Semat had to demolish all existing foundations and extend the casting pit, while preserving the surrounding area: storage facilities, water treatment plants, railway lines and roads. So as not to compromise the productivity of the steel plant, the works were organized during the plant's annual summer shutdown. Construction times did not exceed the 100 days planned.

The works were organized in two phases, the first prior to the scheduled shutdown and the second during the actual scheduled shutdown of the plant.

The largest part of the intervention was completed prior to the scheduled shutdown, starting with the piling to support the existing structure, the construction of new water treatment plants, and the prefabrication of the cages.

The demolition of the existing foundations was carried out during the scheduled shutdown period and it was followed by the excavation and construction of the new reinforced concrete component as well as the restoration of the interconnection between the old and new structures.