Construction of a new oxygen production plant - ILVA Taranto

Construction of a new oxygen production plant at the ILVA facility in Taranto.

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Project: Oxygen plant
Company: SEMAT
Location: Taranto (TA)
Category: Civil Construction Project
Customer: ILVA S.p.A.
Period: 1999 / 2009

The plant was constructed in 2009 to optimize the casting production cycle. Ilva's oxygen production plant is equipped with one of the largest compressors currently in operation in Europe.

The structure, built on a previously undeveloped site involved Semat in the construction of the foundations, the accumulation and reaction towers and of all the auxiliary systems, from water treatment and cooling, to the electric substations and connecting tunnels.

The compressor building, soundproofed and insulated, has particular design solutions (paving and water collection systems, interconnections with the distribution line) which have enabled an overall improvement in production performance. A similar job, even if of a more limited size, was previously conducted in 1999 for the oxygen production plant in the coke ovens area necessary to feed the blast furnaces.