Construction Isola Dovarese Hydroelectric Power Plant

Construction of civil works for the Dovarese island hydroelectric power plant on the Oglio river - Municipality of Isola Dovarese - Cremona, Italy.

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Project: Isola Dovarese Hydroelectric Power Plant
Company: SEMAT
Location: Isola Dovarese (CR)
Category: Civil Construction Project
Period: 2012-2012

In April 2012 the Paduan company Idea Energia entrusted Semat Spa with the construction of the Isola Dovarese hydroelectric power plant located in the province of Cremona.

In addition to the structural works, the company was in charge of building the "stairs" for the fish to go upstream and a section of the right bank. These interventions were only possible during the river’s dry period, and thus were carried out in the summer of 2013, without compromising or affecting the operation and energy production capacity of the plant.

Two VLH (Very Low Head) turbines were installed in the plant with a total production capacity of 1 Mw, connected to the network and commissioned on schedule in December 2012. The schedule was in fact maintained despite the technical difficulties due to the climatic conditions that Semat faced while the worksite was active.