Construction of the Bre.Be.Mi. (Brescia.Bergamo.Milano) road link

The road construction works are located in the hinterland of Brescia and were aimed at the construction of the city's connection with the new BreBeMi motorway.

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Project: BreBeMi Road Link
Company: SEMAT
Location: Lombardia (Italia)
Category: Civil Construction Project
Customer: Consorzio BBM
Period: 2012-2016

In early 2016 the road works were completed in relation to the connection between the south ring road of the BreBeMi (Lot A), the former provincial road SS 510 of Valcamonica (Lot C), the direct connection with the Mandolossa (Lot D) spur route, and the junction with the shopping centers of Roncadelle (Lot B). The intervention was coordinated by the Consorzio Stabile CO.IN.E. consisting of SEMAT S.p.A. and PAC S.p.A. The principal of the works was BreBeMi S.p.A. which was entrusted with the design, construction and management of the 62 km motorway link between Brescia and Milan.

The construction sites for the new road opened in early 2012 and the first important milestone was reached in July 2014 with the inauguration and opening of the BreBeMi motorway. After the ribbon was cut all efforts were focused on completing the compensatory and supplementary road works for the Province of Brescia. This was a difficult task as a result of the request to maintain two open lanes in each direction, necessary to ensure the regular flow of traffic on the Tangenziale Sud (southern ring road) as well as the simultaneous construction of the high-speed railway line.

The works were divided into four sections:

  • Lot A: Concerned an approximately 8 km road section that began from provincial road SP 19. It is a two-way 10.50 m wide road that connects, by means of the Travagliato Ovest junction, the towns of Ospitaletto and Travagliato and with the “Travagliato Est” junction, the industrial area of Roncadelle and Castegnato.

This first section included underpasses, a canal bridge with a mixed steel/concrete structure, the A4 Brescia-Milan motorway underpass, the junction with the southern ring road, five overpasses to ensure the connection with the main provincial roads SP BS 510, and the new link with the Mandolossa spur route and the neighboring shopping centers.

  • Lot B: In this lot the southern ring road towards Verona was upgraded to a 3 lane road.

To widen the roadway it was necessary to redesign the Roncadelle junction with the construction of the new overpass, demolishing the existing one, and the construction of the new bridge over the Mandolossa canal.

  • Lot C: The Northern connection towards Valle Camonica was also upgraded and widened. The two carriageways were widened with a traffic divider protected by metal safety barriers and emergency lanes. The main structural works involved the widening of the bridge over the Gandovere stream, the Brescia-Iseo-Edolo railway tunnel, and the via Cavezzo underpass.
  • Lot D: This lot includes the short arterial that runs along the stretch of road primarily in a cutting, underpassing the Milan-Venice and Brescia-Iseo-Edolo railway lines with a series of concrete monoliths "pushed" into position, the use of which avoided the interruption of the railway traffic.

The operation of the irrigation network was ensured by the construction of two canal bridges made of prestressed concrete.