Construction of limestone/secondary materials stockyard storage structure - ILVA Taranto

Design and construction of limestone/secondary materials stockyard storage structure for the ILVA plant in Taranto.

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Project: Limestone stockyard storage structure
Company: SEMAT
Location: Taranto (TA)
Category: Civil Construction Project
Customer: ILVA S.p.A.
Period: 2013-2016

In May 2013, Semat acquired the contract for the construction of limestone/secondary materials stockyard storage structures provided for by the Integrated Environmental Authorization (AIA) regulations. The project involves the construction of six storage structures (2 limestone, 2 agglomerates north and south, and 2 raw sinter mix) to limit the pollution caused by the dispersion into the atmosphere of limestone dust generated in the steel production cycle. The structures, completed in 2016, were constructed with laminated wood, a durable and high quality material which is natural and recyclable.

Limestone stockyards
Limestone stockyards are spaces used for the storage of crushed material to be sent to the grinding and screening plants. Storage and removal can take place at the same time to ensure the continuous exchange of material and prevent it from deteriorating.

The load-bearing structures were placed on 6-meter-high reinforced concrete walls. The roofing and infill panels are made of hot-dip galvanized sheet.

Agglomerates storage structure
Agglomerates are also included in the operation relating to building a structure to cover the secondary stockyards, areas for the storage of the products from which pig iron is made. These stockyards enable the blast furnaces to operate during the maintenance period. The stockyards are supplied by means of belt conveyors and the materials are stockpiled by means of a stacker which ensures that the stockpiles have a conical shape. The holes on the slab where the material is placed allow it to drop onto the extraction belt which conveys the agglomerate back into circulation towards the blast furnaces.

The roof was designed to be conical and self-supporting with lamellar wood beams arranged in a radial pattern around a metal ring positioned at the top of the cylindrical shaped structure.

Raw sinter mix storage structure
These stockyards are used for the preparation and storage of the mixture of materials from which agglomerates are obtained. The two stockyards designed for Ilva Taranto consist of two distinct structures, both with one span, with a central row of common foundations. The shape of the structure, given the presence of very large machinery that must work close to the side walls, is a circular arc.