Demolition work at Verona Project

Demolition of disused piezometric towers of the Verona steel plant.

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Project: Demolition in Verona
Company: SID
Location: Verona
Category: Demolitions and reclamation Project
Customer: Acque Veronesi
End User: Acque Veronesi
Period: 2019

ATB Group's Civil Construction & Industrial Services division has successfully completed the second demolition with explosives planned for the Verona area and planned for the demolition of disused piezometric towers.

A concrete structure of about 30 meters high which, for the refurbishing of the plants arranged by the owner of the steelworks, the Pittini Group, had to be demolished. The operations, coordinated by the Police Authority, was handled by Sid Srl - Società Italiana Demolizioni, part of Semat Spa, part of ATB Group.