Troia - Small Wind Turbine Project 60 kW

The small wind turbine ATB 60.28 DD of 2B Investment "captures" the winds of the Dauno sub-Apennines, close to the Tavoliere delle Puglie.

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Project: Troia - Small Wind Project
Company: ATB Riva Calzoni Rinnovabili
Location: Troia (Puglia)
Category: Wind Power Project
Customer: 2B Investments Srl
End User: 2B Investments Srl
Period: 2017

The small wind Turbine ATB 60.28 DD of 60 kW was installed on the slopes of the Dauno sub-Apennines, a mountain range east of the Tavoliere delle Puglie, in the municipality of Troia. This is the last wind turbine that was released in 2017 by the ATB Riva Calzoni renewable energy plant.

The machine, a 60kW direct drive with a 28 meter rotor and 37 meters high at the hub, was placed in an area with an average wind speed of around 5.5 m / s. The expected productivity of this wind power project is 210.000 kW per year.