The first wind turbine ATB 850.54

ATB Riva Calzoni has produced and installed the 800kW turbine in the site in the municipality of Molinara, Benevento.

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Project: The new ATB 850.54
Company: ATB Riva Calzoni Rinnovabili
Location: Molinara (Campania)
Category: Wind Power Project
Customer: Sannio Wind Srl
End User: Sannio Wind Srl
Period: 2018

Seventy-two meters high at the hub and a rotor diameter of 54: these are the technical characteristics that distinguish the new Wind Turbine ATB 850.54 installed by the staff of the renewable division of ATB Group on a site in the municipality of Molinara, in the province of Benevento.

One of the areas highly suited to the production of wind energy, with very favourable wind indices. This is the first of this power produced by ATB Riva Calzoni in the Artogne plants, the hub dedicated to renewables. The machine can produce about two million kilowatts per year. 

In the same way as the ATB 750.54, the ATB 850.54 turbine works according to the concept of variable speed and power control by blade pitch. The turbine has a gearbox. The speed variability is realized with a synchronous generator with a full converter.