New ATB 60.28 DD upwind, two-bladed wind turbine

A prototype of a new wind turbine is under development and first units will be installed in Italy within end of 2016.

New ATB 60.28 DD wind turbine

An innovative project for an high performing turbine, direct drive concept with a permanent magnet synchronous generator, two blades pitch controlled and a pre-stressed concrete tower 37 m hub height, 28 m rotor diameter for high efficiency  in low medium average wind speed sites.

The ATB 60.28 DD is an upwind, two-bladed wind turbine with 60 kW rated power at grid side. The ATB 60.28 DD with 28 m rotor diameter will be dedicated for wind class IIIA with 37m hub height in accordance with the Germanischer Lloyd’s Guideline for the Certification of Wind Turbines Edition 2010...

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