Artogne: a new plant for clean and renewable energy

In the beginning of March ATB Riva Calzoni opened a new plant in Artogne. It was projected and equiped to meet the planning and productive needs of two divisions: Wind and Small Hydro.

Artogne: a new plant for clean and renewable energy

It is a new site dedicated to clean and renewable energy. In Artogne there will be manufactured the ATB 60.28 DD, a two bladed wind turbine with 60Kw rated power at grid side (6 of these will be installed soon in Campania, Sicilia, Basilicata), a new product developed by ATB Riva Calzoni, and turbines under 20 MW for small hydropower stations.

This innovation brings with it various benefits: now ATB Riva Calzoni can manufacture the finished product, responsible for both mechanical and electrical aspects, starting from scratch, assembling it and making it ready for installation.

ATB Riva Calzoni is able to empower performances and market positions and can offer to the client a quality product with high added value.

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