MMHE-ATB Malaysia: excellent results and high standards of safety and quality

FINTRO S.p.A. President Sergio Trombini visited the Pasir Gudang plant to follow the progress of Rapid and Ituango projects.

Excellent results for MMHE-ATB

Sergio Trombini, President of FINTRO S.p.A., visited the MMHE-ATB plant in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia, to check the performance and the progress of Rapid (Malaysia) and Ituango (Colombia) projects.

Danilo Serioli, CEO of MMHE-ATB, and all the workers, managers and engineers welcomed the President who, at the end of the inspection, complimented them on the good work done by the Malaysian joint venture.

Trombini also invited MMHE-ATB managers, engineers and technicians to keep high standards of security and quality of the production.

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