The Success of ATB Riva Calzoni Oil and Gas O&M Services in India

An important maintenance work in petrochemical plant in Mangalore (India) completed in three months.

Oil and Gas O&M Services in Mangalore

In the beginning of April, ATB Riva Calzoni completed a Oil and Gas O&M Services service for maintenance a petrochemical plant in Mangalore, Western India. Started in January, works were executed by a team composing of twenty skilled workers, engineers and specialists.

The plant under construction will produce PTA (Purified Teraphthalic Acid), consumed in polyester production including polyester fiber, resin, film.  

The four reactors, made in China, had some manufacturing faults. The success of maintenance, concretized in partnership with Erretiesse Freschi, has been confirmed by the results of the acoustic emission tests carried out by the I & T Nardoni Institute, a company certified to perform non-destructive investigation for the industrial sector.

This service closes a positive phase in the Asian country: already in 2016 ATB Riva Calzoni was called to Mangalore to solve some problems in another refining plant. After checking the condition of each device, our team reconditioned the process equipment. The unit of the plant had to stop activities for only three months.

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