The miter gates of Atb Riva Calzoni for a future navigability of Po river

The two gates, transported by road to Isola Serafini, were placed in the new navigation lock that will enter in operation from this summer.

The miter gates for Isola Serafini

After six years since the start of the works, the operational phase for the new lock at Isola Serafini, on the stretch of Po river near Piacenza, is now coming at the final stage. The installation of the miter gates, produced by Atb Riva Calzoni, is the final and decisive step of the intervention that will make navigable the main Italian river. This is the target that Aipo, the Interregional Agency for the Po River, aims to reach by summer 2017.

The two downstream lock gates, 20m high and 8m wide with a total weight of 80 tons each, were transported on road to the new lock in Monticelli d’Ongina, and installed in two days. The first two upstream miter gates, the smaller ones, had been already installed last September.

ATB Riva Calzoni, in partnership with Tec Srl, was selected by the Contractor, Isola Serafini Società Consortile arl, for the installation all the hydromechanical works of the Project that will increase the commercial traffic of Po river.

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