ATB Riva Calzoni high quality level for Phosagro Cherepovets Project in Russia

Thursday, 1 June 2017

We successfully completed the fabrication of one ammonia converter for the largest producer of phosphate-based fertilisers, phosphoric and sulphuric acids in Europa

ATB in Russia

During last weeks, the Haldor Topsoe (a Danish catalysis company) technology Ammonia Converter of a weight of 260 tons length 25990 mm, was completed. It shall be part of the Phosagro Cherepovets Project, in Russia, a plant for the production ammonia and urea.

This result confirms ATB Riva Calzoni as a leading manufacturer of Ammonia Converters in the world. Since the beginning of 2016 seven ammonia converters of all the various process licensor have been shipped in different countries: one is ready to be delivered and two more are in production and they will be finished over the next six months.