ATB Riva Calzoni Oil and Gas O&M Services returns to Mangalore

During the MRPL refinery's summer shutdown, a team of experts will check the condition of three reactors in the plant.

Reactors Inspection sequence

ATB Riva Calzoni Oil and Gas O&M Services returns to Mangalore , South West India, for a new MRPL refinery support service. During the summer shutdown between August and September, a team of experienced non-destructive controls, welders, and heat treatment specialist will be involved in the completion of the reactors inspection sequence that began last year: this time will be checked three reactors (length: 33 meters, diameter: 2.800 mm, thickness 180 mm) of ATB manufacturing and in operation for about twenty years.

For the intervention, which shall be completed within the 25 days scheduled by the refinery for annual maintenance, "we have prepared both controls that affect the entire reactor structure and others to verify the surface presence of defects through manual ultrasonic examination, automatic recorded ultrasonic examination, magnetic control, dye penetrant to check the presence of any critical zone of the reactor" explains Nicola Terlizzi, Service Business Unit Manager "We are organizing the shipment of the devices we will use to work quickly and in absolute safety".

The company has developed a new method of verifying the health of critical reactor areas. "We are making a calibration block on which we will enter typical defects, identified with ultrasonic control, and so we can calibrate the instruments we will use" says Nicola Bibbo, member of the Service Unit.

In addition, in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Welding, a new software model for ultrasonic examination was studied the response of typical defects during the ultrasonic investigations.

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