ATB Engineering, young talents to create the future

The company, the establishment of which was the initiative of Sergio Trombini, will support the Group in design activities. Today, the company employs five recent engineering graduates.

ATB Engineering

It is a firm made up of talented individuals focused on innovation. They are young engineers with solid academic training to be enhanced through real work in the field. Sergio Trombini’s vision became a tangible enterprise at the beginning of 2017 when the chairman of Fintro Spa formalized the establishment of ATB Engineering Srl as a start-up with the goal of supporting, through a transversal and qualified approach, the design of the Petro, Oil and Gas, Hydro, Wind and Nuclear divisions with in-depth theoretical studies, development of new methods of calculation, and continuous updating with regard to existing national and European regulations.

It was a gamble that Trombini placed in the hands of Federico Maggioni, Nuclear technical director and Floriana Maria Renna, an ATB Riva Calzoni project engineer with a number of years of teaching and research experience at a university. It is she who tells us more about the first steps of this new adventure. Mrs. Renna explains that “these young engineers have skills that need to be integrated with experience, and this can only be done working with our senior engineers. The success of ATB Engineering depends on this knowledge transfer. The expectation is to strengthen the company enough to enable it to compete and succeed in external markets. How will we do it? Getting all the support needed from the parent company for now.”

Currently Renna’s team consists of five people: Paolo Anni, Matteo Garbellini, Veronica Guerini, Mattia Prati, and Davide Zanardelli, all newly graduated civil and mechanical engineers. The search for these resources was carried out exclusively within the Brescia University, so as to enhance the connection with an area that continues to take advantage of a virtuous osmosis between training and work. Mrs. Renna comments that “we are creating a fairly informal technical department with a significant exchange of ideas, and continuous reciprocal engagement. Therefore, training is a determining factor. Operating in solidly characterized sectors, these young engineers need to learn how to use the tools of their craft in practical terms, adapting what they have learned at the university to the professional dimension.

Alongside external courses, lead by experts in the petro and hydro field, we include periods of self-training and internal training, in which we call on ATB Riva Calzoni senior engineers to discuss the topic in question with us.” And while ATB Engineering needs the expected time to become an actual transverse support to Fintro, the startup is already working on its first small jobs. Mrs. Renna concludes saying that “we are working on the design of saddles and supports for structural steelwork for nuclear and petrochemical applications together with studies on the lifting of petroleum and nuclear components. In the past few months we have also supported Semat in its participation in a call for tenders”.

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