Fintro Group Magazine is online

Download the first issue of Fintro Group Magazine, an information journal of ATB Riva Calzoni, Semat and Hydro Energia

Fintro Group Magazine

The first issue of Fintro Group Magazine is online. An information journal of ATB Riva Calzoni, Semat and Hydro Energia, dedicated to the story of industrial activities, developed projects and the professional skills of people who work every day in Group companies.

This new tool was created by the will of Sergio Trombini, president of Fintro Spa, to sharing information internally and at the same time spreading outside the physical boundaries of production sites the values of a solid, rooted industrial reality To its own territory, always increasingly projected into international growth scenarios.

In addition to updates on Rapid, the cover story of this release, and Alto Maipo, the first issue of Fintro Group Magazine introduces the new Artogne plant, a hub entirely dedicated to renewable energies, and the new technologies applied to Nuclear energy, focused on the production of casks at the Roncadelle workshop. We also talked with Semat Chairman Giandomenico Cuscela about last year's activities at the ILVA plant in Taranto and discussed the possible new scenarios resulting from the transfer of ownership of the steel mill. Angelo Damioli, from the offices in Artogne, retraces Semat's approach to the design and execution for the construction of the Ansaldo Energia plant in Cornigliano, inaugurated in mid-June.

Elmondo Presutti and Floriana Maria Renna inform us about the two newest members of the Fintro family: Hydro Energia, a Verbania company specializing in small hydro technology, and ATB Engineering, Sergio Trombini's gamble on the potential of a group of young engineers.