Shipping three Hydro Energies turbines for Denas hydroelectric power plant in Korce, Albania

The 5MW Peltons produced at Artogne have been shipped over the past few days.

Shipment for Small Hydro

In October 2016, in the district of Korce, Albania, Hydro Energia started the construction of a new hydroelectric plant for Denas, a construction company: the project required the design engineering, manufacture, and assembly of three 5MW vertical Pelton turbines, including the generators, automation systems, alternators, transformers, and substation.

The components constructed in the Artogne plant, a new Hub for renewable energy, are now being installed. The installation is in progress for a plant start-up to be completed within the last term of this year. With the addition of this plant, Hydro Energia will have exceeded 100 MW of installed power with over 35 hydroelectric power stations in operation in Albania.

Hydro Energia acquisition is part of the strategy of development and diversification pursued through a process of internationalization and technologies acquisition that allow ATB Riva Calzoni to grow continuously in the relevant markets.

Elmondo Presutti, Chief Executive Officer of Hydro Energia, states that "ATB Riva Calzoni's international presence has put us in touch with the possibilities offered by small hydro technology. In order to enter this field, it was necessary to equip the company with the necessary technologies and to upgrade certain skills. We chose an Italian company already present in Italian hydroelectric hubs, with an average age of human resources around 40 and two other interesting features: a significant history with leading national multiutilities and significant experience with private investors abroad".

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