A new ATB 500 Wind Turbines for the Polmont Golf Club

Friday, 1 September 2017

The wind turbine, produced at the ATB Riva Calzoni workshop in Artogne, is ready to be connected to the power grid.

ATB Wind Turbines for Scotland

It was installed in Scotland, on the green mantle of the Polmont Golf Club, a nine-hole golf course, not far from Edinburgh, halfway between Falkirk and Linlithgow. Now the wind turbines, produced at the ATB Riva Calzoni workshop in Artogne and completed at Roncadelle, is ready to be connected to the power grid.

Once the electrical connections have been completed and after the commissioning. By the end of September the plant will start to produce energy. The machine left the workshops over the past few weeks, loaded on two trucks and transported by road to Rotterdam where was shipped to UK by ferryboat. 

The ATB 500 is a variable pitch controlled wind turbine with a 54 m rotor and a 50 m hub height. This is the second of this model to be commissioned in Scotland. The first one was installed at Ladybank, in 2016.

Installation works were completed in three days, were handled by Spectrum Energy Systems Ltd under the supervision of ATB Riva Calzoni engineers.

Turbine owners will enjoy the benefits of the feed in tariff, a political mechanism designed to accelerate investment in renewable energy technologies. The produced energy is sold at a predetermined tariff, more favorable than market prices.

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