ATB Riva Calzoni revamped the radial gates of the Massingir dam in Mozambique

The hydropower equipment have been installed in the past few days. The plant will feed the irrigated net of all Mozambique (Southeast of Africa).

Gates of the Massingir dam

The radial gates have been installed to allow the bottom outlet of the basin of Massingir, Mozambique, in the province of Gaza, to return to work.

The hydropower equipments, damaged by the explosion of a part of the plant caused by an operator maneuvering mistake in 2008, were subjected to a technical assessment by ATB Riva Calzoni to test the recovery possibilities.

The upgrading required manufacturing four new arms, fabricated in Italy, for the radial gates (7 meters high and 4.5m wide, with radius of 12 m), which then have been revamped and reassembled in the plant.

The skin plate side has been restored and the carbon and stainless steel clad parts have been reconstructed.

This is an important milestone for the Ara Sul project that wanted to upgrade the main irrigation system that will distribute water throughout Mozambique, essential for the life in the Country.

Since October 2015 ATB Riva Calzoni is working on the rehabilitation of the bottom outlet of the hydroelectric dam, built in the seventies on the Elefant River.

With a temporary workshop and 130 workers organized on 2 work shifts, the company provided and laid two penstocks of 260-meter-long, 6,4-meter diameter steel liners, radial gates, hydraulic units, hydraulic units and control panels.

The yards will be dismantled once all operations have been completed. The term of work is scheduled for completion in the first days of November.

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