Ammonia Converter reactor for Navoiyazot was shipped from Marghera

The pressure vessel manufactured by ATB Riva Calzoni will be installed in a plant for fertilizer production in Navoiy, Uzbekistan.

A reactor for Navoiyazot was shipped

One ammonia converter with Haldor Topsoe process, produced by ATB Riva Calzoni and destined for the chemical plant that Navoiyazot is building in Navoiy, central Uzbekistan, was loaded few days ago from the port of Marghera.

The pressure vessel, manufactured at Roncadelle workshop and completed at the Marghera ATBRC plant (length: 28 m, diameter 3.5 m, weight: 480 tons), began in January following the order issued by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in July 2016.

The device, product type on which ATB Riva Calzoni has gained more manufacturing experience, are destined for Navoiyazot’s plant - propriety of Uzkimyosonaot Group that manages the entire chemical industry in Uzbekistan - that will use natural gas to produce about 2,000 tonnes per day of ammonia and 1,750 supergranules in urea.

This oil and Gas project, part of Uzbekistan's plan to transform its infrastructure and production facilities with advanced and energy-efficient technologies.

The supply strengthens the relationship with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, world leader in Oil and Gas plant construction.

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