Commissioning of the Massingir Dam hydromechanical equipment

The tests that verified the operation of the components supplied by ATB Riva Calzoni were successfully completed.

Commissioning of the Massingir dam

Three days of testing provided by the procedures to verify that the correct operation of all hydromechanical equipment. The commissioning of the bottom outlet of the Massingir dam, in Mozambique, has been successfully completed. Now the plant, which will supply the irrigation network of the African country, will be able to start working.

"The commissioning went very well, we are now working on the demobilisation of the yard" explains Luca Donadei, project manager ATB Riva Calzoni.
Dry test was carried out last December. "In mid-February - adds Donadei - Both tunnels were pressurized and the test carried out previously was repeated with positive results. Furthermore, the gates and the stoplogs were checked and the tests have achieved great success”.

With the wet test, which was attended by CMC, Aurecon Engineering and the end user, Ara Sul, the plant was officially inaugurated. Before leaving the Massingir site, ATB Riva Calzoni will have to provide for the training operations of the ARA SUL that will take control of the gates and the hydroelectric plant.

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