Dangote takes shape in the Marghera plant

The production of the two reactors for the first private Nigerian refinery is well under way.

Dangote takes shape

The structure of the two reactors commissioned by DangoteRefining Ltd is progressively taking shape and today occupies one of the spans of the ATB Riva Calzoni factory in Porto Marghera. One hundred and ten meters of low-vanadium steel, for a total weight of 3,200 tons. Seeing this huge component stretched out on the row of supports is an impressive sight. Considering the progress of the work, it can be said that the manufacture of the two components for the petrochemical sector, among the largest ever produced in the world, is now well underway. In recent weeks the first pressure vessel was completely assembled.

“Between May and June the final tests, localized heat treatments and hydraulic tests will be carried out. At this rate, the manufacture, currently at 80%, should be completed by July” explains Gabriele Campigotto, ATB Riva Calzoni production manager.

On the other hand, the two sections that will comprise the second UOP mild hydrocracking reactor are being assembled as the internal hardening has just been completed. Campigotto continues “After the application of the rings on the build up we will continue with the closing junction”. The works, in this case, are scheduled to be finished August, after completing all the final tests. “Everything is going according to schedule and at the moment we are in line with the schedule established by the customer” notes Riccardo Rossi, Oil and Gas project manager who is supervising the Dangote petrochemical plant for ATB Riva Calzoni. Once finished, the process equipments will be transported from the plant to the quay with special trailers to be loaded on heavy load carriers.

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