The first pipes installed in the Las Lajas power house

Erection works have begun in the Alto Maipo hydroelectric plant.

The first pipes for Alto Maipo project

The erection operations of the first two pipes of the Las Lajas penstock have begun last week. This is a part of the 531 MW hydroelectric plant that ATB Riva Calzoni is developing on the Andean Mountains, 50 kilometers from Santiago De Chile, in the Cajon del Maipo.

Once they have reached the construction site, the branch pipes – made of S690 QL high yield structural steel with an external diameter of 3000 mm – were positioned in the tunnels by specially designed erection trolleys equipped with hydraulic jacks, then secured on supports and welded to each other.

“Works will also begin soon in one of the two vertical shafts in Las Lajas, where 4200mm diameter pipes will be installed - said Davide Giachero, site manager of ATB Riva Calzoni (hydropower department). “We are descending into the first vertical shaft of 130 meters, where we are mounting the rails required to lower down the pipes“.

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