The four high pressure separators for Hengli Petrochemical were shipped

The pressure vessels will become part of the plant owned by the China petroleum & chemical Corporation.

Separators for Hengli were shipped

The four high-pressure separators for Hengli Petrochemical were shipped in recent days from the Marghera commercial port. The refinery is located in China, in the Dalian region, on the border with Manchuria.

For the expansion of the plant - capable of producing 400 thousand barrels per day – Hengli Petrochemical Co Ltd, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation 75% owned by the government, has comissioned to ATB riva Calzoni two type of different design: two Catalyst additions / withdrawal drum (weight: 95 tons, material: SA336S22 V, diameter: 2.209 mm, overall length: 13 m, thickness 150 mm) and two more Catalyst withdrawal vapor separator (diameter internal: 1.109; overall length: 7m; thickness: 75mm; material: SA336S22 V, weight: 22 tons).

“The expedition ended successfully - explains Riccardo Rossi, ATB Riva Calzoni project manager-. The supply contract as a whole went very well".

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