Alto Maipo project - Las Lajas pipe assemblies have begun

Work in progress at Aes Gener hydroelectric plant: ATB Riva Calzoni is dealing with the positioning of the vertical shaft’s elbow.

Alto Maipo pipe assemblies have begun

Work continues on the construction of the Aes Gener hydropower plant, 50 kilometers from Santiago Del Chile, in the Cajon del Maipo on the Cordillera of the Andes. In fact, during these last few days the installation of Las Lajas’ upper vertical shaft pipes (diameter: 3.700 mm) has also begun.

In particular, at this stage, ATB Riva Calzoni’s team is dealing with the positioning of the elbow at a height of 1001 meters above sea level. The first two elements of the elbow have been lowered inside the excavation, fitted and welded. Once this operation has been completed, the hydro pipes will be assembled; making up the 160 m high vertical shaft.

The intervention will end in March next year. In the meantime the activities for the assembly of the lower vertical well have also started and will be completed in April 2019.

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