The urea reactor for Pjsc Metafrax was shipped

The component was loaded at Port Marghera and will become part of the Gubakha chemical plant in Russia.

The reactor for Pjsc Metafrax was shipped

The urea reactor was shipped from Port Marghera in early August to an agricultural fertilizer production plant in Gubakha, in the Perm region of Russia.

In 2016, ATB Riva Calzoni was chosen by Casale to manufacture the equipment on behalf of Pjsc Metafrax, one of the major Russian chemical companies.

The urea reactor reactor - 250 tons of weight, 29 meters in length and 3 in diameter - was manufactured by welding from shell courses made of rolled plates SA533 grade B class 2. The internal weld overlay is made of 25 chromium, 22 nickel, 2 molybdenum material, in order to guarantee the protection of the pressure vessel part against corrosion of the fluid of process, extremely corrosive.

ATB Riva Calzoni is one of the leading suppliers of ammonia converter and urea reactor for Casale, a Swiss company specialized in the design of technologies for the production of fertilizers.

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