EDF&Orano visited ATB

French managers satisfied with the organization of the production processes of the cask set by the company

EDF&Orano visited ATB

In recent days ATB Riva Calzoni welcomed a delegation from EDF (Électricité de France) and Orano to show the progress of the manufacturing processes of the first TN G3 casks. 

At the end of the workshop tour, customers expressed satisfaction with the results achieved in terms of performance and for the investments that the company has been able to make to enhance its operational capacity and to guarantee quality parameters in the production of casks, steel containers for the transport and storage of spent fuels leaving nuclear power plants.

The guests appreciated the effects of the investment plan that allowed to reinforce the structures, with new machinery, a new boring machine Pama Speedram 3000, a new overhead bridge and more welding stations. In addition, an area for nuclear production has been created. Clear signs of a strategy that confirms ATB Riva Calzoni's willingness to be focused on this business. 

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