Works in progress at Las Lajas power shaft

ATB Riva Calzoni is continuing the assembly operations at the Chilean plant in full respect of the times dictated by the customer.

Alto Maipo Project

Respect of the timing dictated by the schedule and defect rates practically reduced to zero. The assembly of the Las Lajas shaft at the Alto Maipo hydroelectric plant in Chile is continuing successfully. In the last weeks, the hydro test on the bifurcation was completed, a test necessary to verify the tightness of this critical component to the internal pressure to which it will be subjected once it is in operation. 

Given the size of the bifurcation, assembly and welding activities were carried out inside the installation tunnels. The installation of the upstream shaft has been completed up to the upper elbow, while the assembly of the downstream shaft and of the upper horizontal penstock is in progress. 

"We are very satisfied with the results achieved so far - confirms Andrea Guerini, Construction Department Manager of ATB Riva Calzoni -. We are continuing very well with very, very low defect rate despite the fact that the type of carbon steel used for this project is a difficult and complex material to weld ".

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