ATB Riva Calzoni Renewables, born to design and produce the sustainable

As part of a general reorganisation of the Group to which it belongs, Hydro Energia becomes the new green division of ATB Group, incorporating skills acquired in the small hydro and small wind sectors.

ATB Renewables

A new reality founded on the experience of a company that for over a century has been a leading player in the market for the manufacture of energy components: behind a pioneering history in the design, production and installation of power generation units from clean sources and in front of a horizon of growth in the development of increasingly performing technologies, green and sustainable.

ATB Riva Calzoni Renewables is born, one of the four divisions that today make up the group led by Sergio Trombini. This change of name corresponds to a new management model marked by four divisions: Heavy Equipment, Hydro Mechanical Equipment, Renewable and Civil Constructions & Industrial Services. A reorganization designed to make the corporate structure operating in different businesses clearer and more recognizable.

In this scenario Hydro Energia, transforming itself into ATB Riva Calzoni Rinnovabili S.r.l., will oversee the division of the group dedicated to the renewables world, bringing together in a single unit the skills gained in the Small Hydro and Small Wind sectors to encourage and exploit synergies between wind and small hydro.

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