Reactors for Tco e Sapref

Shipped from Porto Marghera other four pressure vessels produced by ATB Riva Calzoni

Reactors for Tco e Sapref
Loading of one of the reactors for Tengizchevroil Refinery in Atyrau, Kazakhstan.

These were challenging days for ATB Riva Calzoni in Porto Marghera. At the end of March, loading of four reactors for different petrochemical plants was successfully completed.

After the first batch of molecular sieve reactors shipped in summer, the second group of components was also shipped, three appliances completed in recent months and parked in the storage areas waiting for environmental conditions to allow transport to their destination, the Tengizchevroil Refinery, production site in Atyrau, Kazakhstan.By June the Heavy Equipment division of ATB Riva Calzoni will have to complete the supply of the six remaining reactors forming part of the order.

A few days ago, a new reactor (31 and a half metres in length and 250 tonnes in weight) was launched from the Venetian port for the Sapref refinery in South Africa, commissioned by British Petroleum and Shell. The unit will be used to produce high quality diesel fuel in line with the most advanced European standards in terms of environmental impact.



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