The Renewal of the Asme S - U - U2 certificates

The audit for the updating of the certifications that allow ATB Riva Calzoni to produce pressure vessels in accordance with international standards has been successfully concluded.

The Renewal of the Asme certificates
ATB Riva Calzoni team with the inspectors

The audit for the three-year renewal of the Asme S - U- U2 certifications was successfully concluded. The meeting, which took place in early May at ATB Riva Calzoni workshops in Roncadelle and Marghera, served to update the certificates that allow the company to manufacture pressure vessels in accordance with the codes issued by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 

The U.S. association is very authoritative in the world regarding the definition of standards of production of pressure vessels and boilers. The audit was attended by an Asme inspector and two colleagues from Lloyd's Register.

"During the days of the audit, a job was chosen for which the entire manufacturing process was evaluated, from engineering to production, based on Asme codes, ATB quality manual and all the accompanying documents, after which the welding activites were evaluated - explains Laura Marzollo, Quality Assurance Engineer of ATB Riva Calzoni -. In addition to renewing the certifications, the inspectors congratulated ATB on our structure, know-how and expertise on welding processes".

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