Taranto: record time to build the foundations for the ore stockyards

The works in the former Ilva steel mill completed in 5 months

Taranto: the foundations for the ore stockyards

The third arch of the roof for the ore stockyard of the former Ilva plant in Taranto was built and finished eighteen days before the scheduled deadline. When this project, that has created great expectations among the population, is completed, it will play a key role in containing dust particles in the air. More specifically, the purpose of the project is to safeguard and protect the land and inhabitants of Tamburi. 50% of the upper structure was completed by the end of April; all the minerals present in the main stockyards will be moved by the end of 2019. Almost 19 months before the deadline set by the Decree of the Chairman of the Municipal Council issued in September of two years ago, as specified by ArcelorMittal Italia, the new owner of the iron and steel plant in Puglia. The roof of the fossil yards will be finished by May 2020 instead, and in this case, it will be also completed earlier than scheduled by the same Decree.

This is one of the most important jobs required by the AIA (Italian for Integrated Environmental Authorisation), and it forms part of an ambitious and strategic Environmental Plan that earmarked a total of 1.15 thousand million euro to be invested by 2023 to turn the Taranto plant into the most advanced single-site steel mill in Europe.

To speed the works assigned to Cimolai, the part played by the Civil Construction & Industrial Services Division of ATB Group was essential; the division is in charge of the foundations for the safe confinement structures.

The commercial relationship with Cimolai was formalised in 2018, when Semat, a company belonging to the ATB Group, was awarded the job order for the foundations that will support the structures to cover the primary and fossil yards.

«It took us five months to build the foundations for the primary and fossil yards», explains Giandomenico Cuscela, General Manager at Taranto for ATB Group. In this first job we worked speedily, we showed we are dependable, and all this led to Cimolai awarding us a second job- the foundations of the fossil yard-, still under way but about to be finished». Besides the foundations, the CCIS Division of ATB Group supplied the concrete for the foundation piles of the covering roofs and all the rain water sewage systems.

«This job is quite demanding», adds Cuscela «because more machinery, staff, and equipment would be needed during the last stage». So far the site is employing 60 men per day constantly.

Since AMI became the official owner of the former Ilva plants, this project has become one of the most significant project ever handled by the Civil Construction & Industrial Services, that has been present at Taranto as Semat for more than twenty years. Their performance ensures to the new owners that all the client's deadlines as well as the quality standards of the final results will be met now and in future projects.

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