TCO and Zeeland: two projects successfully completed

In two days from Porto Marghera four pressure vessels were loaded: three of them for the Atyrau plant, in Kazakhstan, and one for the Zeeland Vlissingen refinery, the Netherlands.

TCO and Zeeland: two projects successfully completed

In the last few days ATB Group has successfully completed the TCO and Zeeland projects, commissioned by two important customers in the Oil and Gas sector. From Porto Marghera, in 48 hours, four pressure vessels were loaded.

The first to leave the dock were the three reactors, part of the supply (12 molecular sieve vessels and 6 injection compressor suction drums) requested by Tengizchevroil (TCO). Vessel shipments began exactly one year ago, in six stages. The equipment of this last batch will soon be in operation at the units of the Atyrau oil site in Kazakhstan, allowing a production increase of 12-million-tonne per year.

A few hours later, the pressure vessel manufactured by ATB's Heavy Equipment division for Total and Lukoil also left the Venetian commercial port: it is a hydrotreating reactor, designed to increase the hydrocracking unit of Zeeland Refinery in Vlissingen, Holland.

This summer ATB, inside the plant, will also supervise the installation of the thermocouples and complete the insulation, part of which has already been made in the workshops in Marghera.

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