I wish you all an Easter of Peace and Hope

Message from Chairman Sergio Trombini to ATB Group employees.

Happy Easter
Sergio Trombini, Chairman of ATB Group

We are living very difficult days of anguish and suffering. The emergency is putting us to the test. The data shows a decrease in hospital admissions and a significant increase in the number of healed patients. We can see a glimmer of light and optimism after the long month of darkness we have lived through.

We are approaching a holiday we never thought we would have to spend like this. I would like to take the opportunity to wish a peaceful Easter to the whole big family of ATB Group, all the women and men of our offices in Roncadelle, Marghera, Artogne, Taranto, Verbania, employees and collaborators working in the yards to foreign country, in Europe and worldwide. May it be a moment of peace, hope and relief from the worries and tragedies of this period.

My best wishes to you all and your families. A big hug to everyone. Thank you again for the dedication you have shown in these hard weeks. Together we will make it through.

Sergio Trombini, Chairman of ATB Group.

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