Tomorrow we'll be even stronger

Sergio Trombini's message to all ATB Group employees in the Covid-19 emergency days.

Tomorrow we'll be even stronger
I would like to address a message of encouragement and hope to the whole big ATB Group family: we are at war, but sooner or later we will come out of this nightmare that has hit Brescia and the Lombard provinces in particular. We must look ahead without forgetting what happened, the friends and relatives who have left us.
Tomorrow we will be even stronger.
I would like to thank all the employees who have continued to make their contribution in recent weeks, from Brescia to Marghera, from Artogne to Taranto, from Verbania to all the construction sites up to the foreign offices: a hug and encouragement also for all the work that will come in the coming months.
Sergio Trombini, Chairman of ATB Group.

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