Three pressure vessels for the Sriracha refinery shipped from Venice

ATB has been chosen by the consortium between Samsung, Petrofac and Saipem to supply equipment that will be part of the Clean Fuel unit of the Thai plant.

Mega reactors for Thai Oil

The three mega reactors manufactured by the Heavy Equipment division of ATB Group, the Brescia-based company leader in the design and production of equipment for the energy sector, operating in Porto Marghera for over forty years, left the Port of Venice for Thailand in recent hours to reach the Sriracha refinery. ATB was chosen by the Samsung, Petrofac and Saipem consortium to supply equipment  to supply equipment that will be part of the Clean Fuel unit of the Thai Oil plant.

At present, Sriracha is the largest Oil and Gas plant of the country. It is located in the Province of Chonburi, along the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. 

This transformation is part of the Clean Fuel project and will require an overall USD 4 billion investment. After the plant is enlarged, Thai Oil will produce higher quality transportation fuels and the refinery’s production capacity will be increased from 275,000 barrels per day to 400,000 barrels per day. 

ATB shall supply three pieces of equipment in all- stage reactors made of vanadium-modified CrMo steel. These are extraordinary equipment at all: their diameters range from 5.4 to 5.7 meters, weigh ranging from 880 to 1700 tons and lengths from 37 to 52 meters.

The shipping marked a new record for the Venetian Port, after the reactors for Dangote (Nigeria) shipped in summer 2018.

"Once again it is the people who have made the difference: a cohesive and winning team and a supply chain that has worked perfectly" explains Luigi Redaelli, Managing Director of ATB Group's Heavy Equipment division.  This goal is even more significant when contextualized in a difficult period for the industry in Northern Italy.

"As a company we moved immediately to make employees and collaborators safe and protect their health - adds Redaelli - Despite the concerns of recent months, the will to do and do well prevailed among our people, to give value to our customer".

The market, for this kind of product, is showing a trend towards larger and heavier equipment. Given this panorama, ATB reaffirms its reputation as a qualified partner showing excellent engineering and production expertise, also for equipment weighing well over a thousand tons. Due to the production standards that the company has reached and consolidated ATB can offer ourselves as trustworthy partners for the large petrochemical projects that will begin in different corners of the world over the next few years.

An additional aspect in which ATB can be regarded as a leader, as a result of the strategic investments made in the last few years, has been recently added: the capacity to manufacture several large and heavy pieces of equipment at the same time and meet any delivery times that customers need.

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