Ammonia converter delivered in record time

Fast track Indian project for Ammonia Converter successfully completed in 9 months.

Grasim Ammonia converter

ATB Riva Calzoni has achieved a remarkable result by delivering the new Ammonia Converter licensed by Haldor Topsoe in just 9 months from purchase order award for our end-user client from India, the Indo Gulf Fertilizers Unit of Grasim Industries Ltd.

The Single Piece 3m diameter, 21.5 m Long equipment weighs nearly 460 Tonnes and its mono-wall construction is made of 190 mm thick shell in Enhanced Chrome Molybdenum Steel.

The peculiarity of the material selected by Haldor Topsoe perfectly fits with ATB's capabilities and lineage.

The new Ammonia Converter, now on the route to the jobsite, will replace the previous equipment fabricated by ATB back in 1987. A great performance that will strengthen ATB’s long standing cooperation with Grasim Industries Ltd.

Once again, ATB confirms their leadership in supplying a wide range of equipment for the fertilizers market on a worldwide scale, supporting the project through flexibility, quality and reliability.

ATB would like to congratulate the entire team for their hard work and the extraordinary efforts reserved along the overall project in these challenging times.

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