ATB Major Sponsor of the 8th "Convegno Energia Idroelettrica"

ATB will take part in the 8th edition of the hydroelectric energy convention scheduled by AIPnD for 17 and 18 September in Sondrio.

8th Convegno Energia Idroelettrica

We are proud to inform you that ATB Riva Calzoni will participate as Major Sponsor at the 8th "Convegno Energia Idroelettrica" conference dealing with hydroelectric energy and the actors involved in the maintenance of Hydro Mechanical Equipment and hydraulic works, which will be held on 17/18 September 2021 at the “Arturo Succetti” multipurpose room at CESAF, Sondrio.

On this occasion, an executive project will be presented, where the "Hydro Mechanical Equipment" and "Renewables" divisions are working with their respective organizations, for the supply of gates, boards and large penstocks and the dam production group.

ATB confirms its commitment to the satisfaction of its customers also in the EPC Contractor (Engineering, Procurement & Construction).

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