Workshop for penstock fabrication at Nachtigal Hydropower Project

ATB Riva Calzoni completed the temporary workshop building at Nachtigal Hydropower Project, 420 MW in Cameroon.

Workshop at Nachtigal HPP

The fabrication of the 5.6m diameter pipes for Nachtigal HPP penstocks will be completely performed in the temporary workshop, including rolling of the steel plates, automatic welding, quality testing & painting. The 9m long pipes will be then installed at site to feed the 7 Francis hydro turbines.

Nachtigal Hydropower Project will cover 30% of Cameroon’s energy needs, further developing the Country’s sources of renewable energy.

We're joining forces on this project with BESIX, NGE - BTP, #SGTM, NACHTIGAL HYDRO POWER COMPANY & EDF.

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