First edition of the ATB Welding Academy

ATB Riva Calzoni and its partners launched the first edition of the ATB Welding Academy.

ATB Welding Academy

The cooperation between ATB Riva Calzoni Spa and its partners has made it possible to achieve our goal: the launch of the first edition of the ATB Welding Academy!

A path aimed at training and including young persons into our team. The goal of this project is to achieve perfectmatching between the new development and growth needs of technical skills, related to welding and industrial automation, and the aspirations of our young people in terms of training, development and professional growth.

On the day of the visit of the Italian Prime Minister to a technical school in Bari, aimed at emphasizing more and more the importance of technical training for the future of young people and the whole Country, we welcome with pleasure the message he shared: "The task of transforming Italy is up to you young people. Our job is to put you in a position to do it in the best possible way. Your goal is to start imagining the Country you want to live in. Get ready to build it, with passion, determination and - why not - a pinch of recklessness".

Welcome: Adama, Alex, El Mehdi, Fahd, Lorenzo, Saidou, Sonny, Tiziano, Victor!


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