CCR Reactor for PEMEX Dos Bocas Refinery

The pressure vessel were shipped to the port of Marghera to be delivered on Yme to the PEMEX Dos Bocas Refinery under construction in Mexico.

Reactor for PEMEX Refinery

On 27th of April 2022, ATB Riva Calzoni successfully completed the second contract for PEMEX Dos Bocas Refinery.

The CCR Reactor has been delivered on time and will reach soon the new refinery under construction in Mexico

Licensed by UOP and designed with a 2 Stacks configuration, this huge reactor made of Grade22 low alloy steel has been manufactured through a special fabrication sequence which takes in consideration the peculiar process internals layout.

Another important achievement that reconfirms ATB Riva Calzoni as a trusted partner and leading supplier of heavy equipment for the Oil and Gas industry.

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